International Zine Month 2020

It’s almost July! That means it’s almost International Zine Month. While this year continues to be a dumpster fire and I can’t take my bookish bike out into the community safely, I am hoping that a small creative month-long virtual respite will help me and anyone else who needs it survive another month of 2020, or the year from hell.

I’m so grateful to Alex Wrekk, who started IZM in 2009! Typically, I’d use one of their stellar lists, from this or previous years, but I wanted to include some new prompts, as well as more prompts focused on making zines. For additional prompts, see their lists (and watch for a new one because I hear they’ll be releasing it soon!).

So, here are 31 prompts for 31 days of #IZM2020. Watch my Instagram (@outspokin_bookish) for additional details, stories, and highlights throughout the month!

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