International Zine Month 2020

It’s almost July! That means it’s almost International Zine Month. While this year continues to be a dumpster fire and I can’t take my bookish bike out into the community safely, I am hoping that a small creative month-long virtual respite will help me and anyone else who needs it survive another month of 2020,Continue reading “International Zine Month 2020”

Feminist Flirting, 2015

The Do’s and Don’ts of flirting like a feminist. This zine was inspired by several horrific stories of womxn and non-binary folks I know who have been subjected to “flirting” that crosses boundaries, objectifies, and is just plain gross. The zine provides collective advice from over 20 contributors, examples of flirting done right, and sweetContinue reading “Feminist Flirting, 2015”

Cat Tchotchke, 2015

Zines and printed media don’t have to be 2D; this one comes as a one-page PDF that you print, cut, and assemble into an Octahedron shaped zine or tchotchke. Each side features a different cat/author. Each literary cat (named after famous authors with punny names) was hand drawn. How it works:1) Download the PDF2) PrintContinue reading “Cat Tchotchke, 2015”