“The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is-it’s to imagine what is possible.”

– bell hooks

Current Project


Outspokin’ & Bookish is part pop-up feminist zine/art object collection and part playful, mobile maker space focused on print media in Tucson, AZ. The Outspokin’ & Bookish mission includes cultivating social connectedness, sense of belonging, celebration of difference, and pride of place through sharing DIY publishing and print media-making practices and tools via bicycle.

What I Do

Pop-up Activities

Find me at various Tucson events with a thoughtfully curated feminist zine collection and supplies to help you create your own zine! Invite me to your open, free, and community-centered events.

Creative Workshops

I offer tailored workshops, trainings, consultations, & collaborations that increase the creative capacity within ourselves and our neighbors and grow creative community. I strive to facilitate and collaborate with critical generosity and radical empathy in all that I do and create.

Community Building

If you are an activist or artist who would like to participate in future art education programming, or a Tucson community member interested in collaborating on public art or education projects, please feel free to reach out!


Recent & Upcoming Activities

  • A Little Out There: Pluto Zine, 2019
    A poem and a collage dedicated to Pluto, the dwarf planet. These words were carefully curated using a selection of library books published between 1930 and 2006. During this time Pluto was considered the 9th planet in our solar system,Continue reading “A Little Out There: Pluto Zine, 2019”
  • Be Brave, 2018
    Introduction: I remember the first time I spoke up about harmful, oppressive language. It was in my home and I was a child, speaking to grown men. “Not in my house,” I said. I was emotional and I knew theyContinue reading “Be Brave, 2018”
  • Raising Wolfram, 2015
    A short, but deeply personal, one-page zine about battling depression while also trying to care for a Monarch caterpillar. If you’d like a copy: Download the PDF, print on 8.5×11 paper, fold into a one-page zine.

Support & Connect

Outspokin’ & Bookish is an independent social art practice and project. Any contribution will help me keep working towards eliminating social and political barriers to sharing ideas and experiences via print media. Your support means the world to me!