Tucson Walks (Digital Zine)

This collaborative zine was compiled during spring 2020, during shelter-in-place, by Tucson community members, creatives, and artists. All contributors (in order of appearance) include: Amanda Meeks Sonoran Rosie Jamie A. Lee Alessondra Springmann Arlo Maggie Evancho Emily Weirich Danielle Sanchez Janae Phillips Tawney Weir Stacy Szymaszek You may download and view this zine digitally orContinue reading “Tucson Walks (Digital Zine)”

A Little Out There: Pluto Zine, 2019

A poem and a collage dedicated to Pluto, the dwarf planet. These words were carefully curated using a selection of library books published between 1930 and 2006. During this time Pluto was considered the 9th planet in our solar system, before being demoted to a dwarf planet based on new definitions of what a planetContinue reading “A Little Out There: Pluto Zine, 2019”

Cat Tchotchke, 2015

Zines and printed media don’t have to be 2D; this one comes as a one-page PDF that you print, cut, and assemble into an Octahedron shaped zine or tchotchke. Each side features a different cat/author. Each literary cat (named after famous authors with punny names) was hand drawn. How it works:1) Download the PDF2) PrintContinue reading “Cat Tchotchke, 2015”