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Books and zines lend themselves to quiet reflection, foster a participatory culture and promote activism, whether you’re creating or reading them, but they also spark so much enthusiasm among all age groups. My main goal in offering workshops is to help people connect with new ideas; honor process, discovery, and possibility within bookish media and find inspiration through the format that I’ve come to love so dearly as an artist, librarian, and educator.

Everyone who completes a workshop with me will leave feeling empowered to create their own books and share their own ideas as art.

Accessibility and inclusion are highly important to me and I am happy to work within a your budget or limitations to develop a workshop that meets your goals and needs.

Workshop Ideas:

Collaborative Zine on a Current Event: This workshop encourages participants to think critically about a current event or topic and produce a piece of writing or artwork that will be a part of a zine compilation. Through guided questions, research, and information sharing the group will discuss the topic or event in a way that helps deepen the understanding and builds community as they work on their creative zine entry. This workshop is great for larger groups.

Tunnel Vision: This workshop starts with a short creative writing prompt that will be incorporated into a tunnel book structure. Each participant will create a unique tunnel book after learning the basic form. This workshop is good for small to medium-sized groups as it requires a lot of one-on-one attention and is detail oriented.

More Than Meets the Eye: Have you ever wanted a secret door or compartment for your thoughts? This workshop is designed to get participants thinking about the book structure as a way to reveal stories in a non-linear way, through the tension that you can achieve by withholding and revealing information in unconventional ways. The group will learn how to incorporate page inserts, foldouts, and layered transparencies to help tell their stories. This is a two part workshop and best suited for older audiences.

Travel Notebook: Are you the kind of person who tucks mementos and ticket stubs into your books as you embark on new adventures? We’ll create a travel notebook, made for collecting your ephemera and/or natural, found objects. As a group, we’ll also brainstorm writing prompts for your next trip. This workshop is great for anyone who is about to venture out, regardless of age.

Do you have an idea?

Please Contact Me with your request and we’ll work out the details together.

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