Social Tagging in Libraries

Social Tagging Presentation and Volvelle

In the course Organization and Information we examined current issues associated with library systems.  As part of a team, I compiled information and resources about social tagging in libraries and information institutions.  We researched this current practice, its history, and libraries that already use tagging in their online catalogs.

I designed this interactive volvelle as a useful, concise visual tool to provide my peers with a better understanding of social tagging in libraries.  The visual and interactive element reinforced the main concepts of our presentation on social tagging.  This prezi and volvelle were both practice repackaging and presenting our findings about “folksonomy” to our colleagues.  By employing computer and design skills to communicate current ideas about technology, utilize and evaluate current trends and tools, I found a new interest in creating beautifully designed information packages.  After this project I am able to provide services that are stimulating, interactive, and communicative in an age of information overload, which is a useful skill in information delivery, teaching, and outreach initiatives.

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