Self Preservation in Artists’ Books at MCA

Description: The Read/Write Library will host a participatory workshop on artists’ books and preservation at the MCA.  We will cover topics such as the various challenges of preserving artists’ books (mostly due to unique forms and sizes), archival materials, glue and adhesives used for creating enclosures, and proper storage and handling of artists’ books.  Participants will create their own enclosure to protect an artist book that they assemble during the workshop.  The books they are given will be instructions and tips on preservation.  They may choose to make a simple 2D folded book or a 3D cube; both will have the same information, hand letterpressed by Amanda Meeks.

As part of the Read/Write Library‘s Self Preservation series, I facilitated a workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art on preserving artists’ books on Feb 4, 2014.  In addition to organizing and leading the workshop and creating an artist book for participants to take away, I curated a selection of artists’ books and materials from Read/Write’s collection for a pop-up library in the museums City Self exhibit.  The event was part of the MCA studio nights.  Photos below document the entire process, from printing the books I designed to documentation of the actual event.

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