Meet Amanda

I am, first and foremost, a lifelong learner; I like to live life like I’m collecting girl scout badges. This simply means that I am naturally curious and engaged in many seemingly different things, but there is a lot of overlap. I’m an interdisciplinary artist, librarian, educator, activist, and end-of-life doula. Much of the overlap is in how I approach all of my work, through the lens of intersectional feminism and an ethic of care. My identity–as a queer, non-binary person–is also interwoven throughout my creative and professional work.

My Mission

I’m here to help you share your gifts & stories with the world. Witnessing & receiving each others’ innate creativity is a powerful form of community care. This understanding guides me in my work. I enjoy finding ways to help others express themselves through self-determination and creative experimentation. I’m deeply committed to many social justice issues that affect us all to varying degrees and hope to leave the world a better, more beautiful place than I found it one day.

Ready to work with me?