Creative Legacy Projects

Completing a legacy or memorialization project with me provides those involved a step-by-step life review process as well as creative guidance, if you need it.

As an end-of-life doula, I offer consultation, planning, design, and guidance from start to finish for unique legacy and memorial projects. After we meet, in-person or over Zoom, to discuss your wishes and your needs, I will work with you to generate creative ideas and help you complete a lasting legacy or memorialization of love and life.

Individual Legacy Projects: How do you want to be remembered? A legacy project is a perfect way to connect, inspire, and remind loved ones about who you are/were throughout your life. Creating a lasting, tangible memory by writing letters, making art, taking photos, writing books, sewing quilts, recording videos –the list goes on– is a beautiful way to reflect on your life and leave behind something meaningful. 

Creative Consultation: Once you have completed your self-guided legacy packet with me you can book a creative consultation to collaboratively brainstorm ideas or get support through any part of your creative legacy project.

Legacy and Memorialization project packages start with a free consultation.
Self-Guided Legacy in 8 weeks – $50 one-time fee
Creative consultation add-on – $35 per session

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about working with me.

Additional Doula Services

Advance care planning & end of life planning
Health care advocacy
Educational workshops for families & groups

My hourly rate for these services is $35-$75 per hour.
*A sliding scale based on services provided & ability to pay can be discussed.

I do not charge existing clients for vigil support and/or bereavement support.

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