CREATE: Adapting the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy to Studio Art and Creative Practice

The 2015 ACRL Framework for Information Literacy presents unique opportunities to contextualize information literacy for specific disciplines. I created a map between the Framework, Information Literacy Standards, and Visual Literacy Standards in order to see the connections between these documents and develop lessons that included both conceptual and practical approaches to teaching information/visual literacy. Recognizing the varied research practices of art and design students I wanted to develop a way to introduce them to the framework and deepen their understanding of research practices in their field, which led me to develop the pneumonic device: CREATE. In collaboration with 3 other art liaison librarians we further defined each concept in a way that helps us plan instruction at our respective institutions.

ARLIS 2017 Poster on CREATE

ACRL 2017 Poster on CREATE

CREATE zine that includes specific teaching examples from all 4 librarians

A sample worksheet developed for ART299 (Environmental and Land Art) instruction at my institution

Publication in C&RL News on CREATE