Chicago’s Read/Write Library collects every type of media from the area, now including a cargo bike with quite the track record of community engagement.  We’ve adopted the Chicago Book Bike in order to preserve it as a cultural artifact and Chicago icon as well as to further the mission of the library by using it to provide pop-up library and outreach services throughout the summer months.

Excerpt from: “Shifting Gears From the Chicago Book Bike to the Read/Write BiblioTrekaLibrary as Incubator Project. 10 June 2013.

I started this program with the intention of sharing the Read/Write’s non-circulating materials with the surrounding community, raising visibility of our culturally significant collection, and building relationships with other organizations through offering pop-up library service.  The BiblioTreka visited over 20 local events and organizations last summer!

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Unfortunately, our original BiblioTreka (featured here) was stolen; a dedicated group of volunteers launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for TWO book bikes. One replaced this one to keep our program rolling and the other went to the original owner of the Book Bike, with our sincerest apologies.

BiblioTreka was named “Best Organization to Put its Pedal to the Mettle” by The Chicago Reader

Be sure to check out the Read/Write Library and see how you can request the BiblioTreka for events around the city!

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